A few months back, Steven and I bought Cadence a bean bag. We’d been talking about it for awhile, after seeing how much she enjoyed sitting on the one in the childcare room at the YMCA. She’d gotten a bit of birthday money, so after a bit of research online, we picked out a Cozy Sac (the younger, less-expensive version of the popular Lovesac) that we knew she would love.

Our only question was what size to order? Knowing how Cadence likes to sit in our laps and snuggle when we watch movies or Mets games, we figured we better order something large enough for at least one of us to sit on with her. A five-foot bean bag sure didn’t sound overly massive when we read the description online, and the photos definitely didn’t do it justice.

It arrived in a bulging two-foot square box that had been wrapped with enough packing tape that it was positively waterproof. We snipped away at it carefully, tearing it away from the shrink-wrapped orange bean bag inside. And, as soon as we poked the first hole in the shrink wrap, our not-so-formidable Cozy Sac began to grow…

and grow…

and grow…

Anyone want to buy a sectional? Because we’ve run out of room, and the Cozy Sac stays.

And of course you know Electra has fallen in love with what is now the most comfortable seat in the house…

Now, if we can just get Cadence (and her Daddy) to stop jumping and belly flopping on it, we’ll be alright. 🙂


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