Just a lazy Sunday trying to beat the heat in the yard. Steven caught the Mets/Yankees game on the Ipad while Cadence had a blast chasing a ball and running through the sprinkler. Then, a little lunch on the patio, and that’s what I’d call a perfect day. 🙂

And of course, I had to take about a million pictures of Miss Cadence looking like a 2-year-old Baywatch babe running through the yard in her new bathing suit. Unfortunately, I missed one seriously righteous wipeout when her shoe flew off mid-stride and she bellyflopped in the grass, limbs flying as she skidded to a stop. But, I still managed to get some really cute pictures.

Steven keeping an eye on the Mets during lunch
Really Momma? I can’t even enjoy a peanut butter sandwich without that camera in my face?
Cadence’s devious look
Mmmm…peanut butter
Gasp! The bunny? He’s here? Even all these weeks after Easter, Cadence is still obsessed.
Giving me the full explanation of how the Easter Bunny hides the eggs.

Seriously lady, time to put away the camera before someone gets hurt!
Electra praying for Cadence to drop something.

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