We spent our first few days on Long Island spending some quality time with “Uncle” Foerth and “Uncle” Mike.

Cadence and Foerth had several serious conversations about baseball. Let’s go Mets!

And we ate our fill of Italian Ice from the Ice Hut near Stevie’s old house. Mmmm…watermelon.

Steven managed to eat about 5 gallons of bubblegum ice while we were there…

And Cadence looooooooooved the chocolate…

We tried to get a nice family photo by the big Italian Ice statue, but Cadence ended up having a minor meltdown when she found out we didn’t get to take the statue home with us…

Then, Stevie’s folks took us to the Cull House for some seafood. Mmmmm…we’ve missed the good East Coast seafood! Of course, Stevie couldn’t pass up a lobster…

Cadence wasn’t quite sure what to think…

And, as always, Foerth helped us all clean our plates. I would seriously kill for that boy’s metabolism.

Back at Gamma and Pop-Pop’s house, Mike introduced Cadence to the Talking Tom app on his phone…

And Cadence introduced Mike to the new Despicable Me 2 trailer on Steven’s Ipad…

Cadence loved playing in the backyard by Gamma and Pop-Pop’s pool. Unfortunately, that first day it was just warm enough to put our feet in, but that was enough for Cadence. She had a blast splashing with her Daddy.

And then, when Cadence finally want down for a nap, Mike busted out his newest obsession–rollerblades–and he managed to talk Steven into a few laps of the neighborhood.

Foerth and I were content to watch.

And just so I could be sure he was being safe rollerblading at night, Mike pulled out his headlight for a demonstration…

And Foerth entertained himself with a spiderman bat.

We had a little trouble trying to explain to Cadence why she didn’t get to see her cousins TJ and Tyler right away. She’d been talking about flying on the airplane to see TJ and Tyler for a solid week before our trip, and expected the boys to be there the moment we landed. Unfortunately, they were on vacation, and still had a couple days left at school. But, she did get to talk to them on Gamma and Pop-Pop’s phone when they called to let us know they were on their way over…

Oh no! They’re not here yet?


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