It’s been a little hectic around here since returning from our New York vacation. I had hundreds of photos to go through from our trip, a guestbook to design and canvas to prep for my sister’s Kassie’s wedding, emails to answer, photo assignments to complete, laundry to catch up on, meals to cook, and an off-schedule, mildly ill 2-year-old to deal with.

Yeah, it’s been a little busy.

We did take a nice little break from the action on the 4th though. Steven and I took Cadence to see her first movie, Brave, in the theater, and she absolutely loved it. We shared popcorn, licorice, Reese’s Pieces, and Junior Mints and just enjoyed a little time together as a family. Cadence’s eyes were glued to the screen (except to grab another bite, or the minute or two she tried to discuss what was happening in the movie with the little boy sitting in the row ahead of us). She even stayed a few extra minutes to listen to the music and watch the credits roll. By the time we hit the lobby, she was already talking about going to another “woovie”, and has pretty much decided she wants to see Batman with her Daddy.

I’m thinking we’ll probably try Madagascar 3 and wait for Batman to come out on DVD.

Afterward, we headed home and put Cadence down for a quick nap. We invited my sister and her family over for steaks on the grill for dinner. It was so hot, we decided to turn on the sprinkler and let the kiddos run wild, and boy did they! They had a blast getting wet, pushing each other down the slide, and playing with a beach ball in the water. At first, Odin wanted to wear his little Fire Chief hat to keep his head from getting wet, but eventually he left it behind and just ran wild, and you know Cadence had to try it on for size…

Odin thought it was pretty funny to park himself on the slide and try to keep Cadence from going down it…

…right up until she gave him a push right off the top. Good thing we decided to move the slide onto the grass!

After that, the kids thought it was funny to push and watch each other tumble down in a heap…

After dinner, Lindy broke out the little firecracker snaps she bought at the store for the kids to try. They thought it was hilarious when I planted myself in the line of fire to get a few shots of them…

Since their bathing suits were still wet, we threw the kiddos in whatever clothes we happened to grab before they ran out the door on us, and it cracks me up that Cadence ended up in her long sleeve Santa pajama top while Odin is sporting an Awesome Crew sleeveless t-shirt. What a motley bunch!

And you know I couldn’t resist snapping a couple dozen photos when Cadence decided to model Odin’s hat. How cute is she!?

And once all the snaps were done, Odin thought it was fun to make some noise drumming on the table…

…while Cadence hunted for unsnapped snaps on the ground.

I hope everyone had as fun of a 4th as we did!

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