We learned something very interesting about Miss Cosette this morning. For as mischievous as our little elf can be, she is apparently just as anal as my husband. Boy was Steven impressed when we woke this morning to find this…




Cadence, on the other hand, was not nearly as impressed. She couldn’t seem to figure out why Cosette would go to the trouble of getting the blocks out if she wasn’t even going to build a tower. 🙂



Don’t worry, Cosette. Your hard work certainly did not go unappreciated. Steven is thrilled that he finally has at least one girl in the house he doesn’t have to nickname Tornado 3. And while I have to admit I fully agree with Cadence being dubbed Tornado 1, I don’t know what I ever did to earn the nickname Tornado 2…Well, unless you’re factoring my office desk into the equation, and then yes, I sort of understand. But I still maintain that it’s an organized chaos, and if you ask me what is in each of those piles, I can make you a very detailed list. So don’t touch them!

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