Why is it that time speeds up during the holidays? Does the earth start spinning a little faster this time of year? Is it just the trick of light? The shorter days? Some sort of deeply ingrained instinct to want to hibernate when the weather turns cold? Whatever the cause, the effect is always the same…Christmas has a way of sneaking up on me.

Doesn’t matter how much I plan, how early I make my lists, how hard I try to keep it all straight, something just sort of shuts down in my brain when the holidays roll around. Add any sort of stress or obligations on top of it, and I’m easily derailed.

With my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and surgery this year, it’s no surprise that we’ve fallen a little behind in the decorating department. Mom and Dad brought us some lights from their collection (since Dad has been harassing Steven to get in on the Clark Griswold-style holiday light competition since we were married five years ago), and a new 4-foot tall lighted giraffe to put in the yard, just for Cadence.

So far, the lights haven’t made it on the house, and the giraffe is still sitting (fully assembled and beautifully lit) in the living room. But, we’ve got big plans to finally do things up right this weekend.

We’ll see what happens.

Apparently, Cosette is a little concerned that we haven’t yet put up the Christmas tree…


Sweet little elf. Don’t worry, Cosette, the tree is on the list for this weekend too. 🙂 Especially now that Miss Cadence  has been notified that our lack of tree is an issue.







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