Sorry it took so long, but between the dozens upon dozens of photos I took, and then yesterday’s snowstorm knocking out our power, it took me forever to get these done and uploaded. So, without, further ado, I give you Gingerbread House Mayem!

Cadence woke up in the morning to find a very special surprise. Cosette had brought a note from Santa. In the letter, Santa told Cadence how proud he was that she did such a wonderful job in her school program, and that she was doing such an amazing job with her potty training and no longer wearing pull-ups to school. Because of all this, Santa thought Cadence deserved a little something special, and sent Cosette back from her nightly North Pole visit with a gingerbread house kit for Cadence to build and decorate.


We had a quick breakfast, and got ready. I made sure I set the camera up so I could follow Santa’s instructions and take lots of pictures. Cadence just wanted to get started already.


But the best surprise of the day was Cadence’s godmother Tammy dropping by for a visit. Now, we were ready to begin!






At first, I thought it was going to be a struggle to keep Cadence from eating all the candy and frosting, but she was all business. She didn’t even sneak a taste! She was far too busy helping Tammy squeeze the frosting into place and placing the candies just so.




Of course, when we were finally done and told her it was okay to take a little taste, she went whole hog and started squeezing leftover frosting onto her finger and one of the little plates from her kitchen. At one point, she even begged me to squeeze it directly into her mouth, but that was where I drew the line.





Thanks for the fun gift Santa and Cosette! We had a blast!

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