At some point in your life, you suddenly realize that the grownups were right. It could be something as small as shutting off the lights when you leave the room. It might be something bigger, like the importance of applying yourself and working hard in school. Those little truths just sort of blip by on the radar. You might have  a brief “Hot damn! Dad was right!” moment, but it doesn’t really faze you.

But how many times did you hear the adults in your life say this…

Enjoy it while it lasts. Time goes so fast. I can’t believe how quickly time passes. Someday you’ll understand.

Lunatics. What the hell are they even talking about?

But then, one day, you’re minding your own business, and it hits you in the face like a well-aimed brick.

Those endless days of childhood. Those long summers and weekends of your youth. Those agonizing days/weeks/years spent waiting for birthdays, for holiday vacations, for graduations. Those moments when time felt as if it had slowed to a crawl…gone.


And that’s when you find yourself clinging to fleeting moments and trying to will the seconds ticking by on the clock to slow down.

Please slow down. I don’t want to miss this.

That’s when you realize it…

Time is going by way too fast.

Shit. I guess this means I’m a grown up.

And if you’re smart, you take this newfound knowledge and you start finding ways to slow down. You start focusing on the things that are really important, and letting the trivial crap flow where crap is supposed to flow (preferably somewhere it can be flushed away and forgotten).

If you’re smart, you find a way to make the most of those moments when you’re heart is so full of happiness, you feel that it might burst.

Life, be still.



  1. I was talking to my son about why times goes faster when your older. He said that time is measured by new memories and as we fall into habits and relive the same day over we fail to make new memories and the days disappear.

    Nice entry and great photo. Thanks for sharing.

      1. If nothing else, I hate admitting that our parents were right…except about walking uphill in the snow to school. Thanks for the post and the reminder to appreciate all we have and make the most of those times we find ourselves in the moment. Give Cadence and Steve a hug and kiss for me. Josea

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