According to most people, I probably don’t have a lot of “style”. I don’t follow the latest fashion trends. I don’t spend money on the most popular designer fashions. But I gotta say, I like my style, because it is unmistakably me.

I’m a blue jeans and t-shirt, flowered Dr. Martens, coffee-drinking, Pentax-shooting, cheap aviator sunglass wearing kind of girl. I like to roll down the car windows and sing along loudly (and probably badly) to the radio. I like to strike up conversations with strangers in the grocery store. I smile easily, laugh often, and let most of life’s little annoyances just roll off my back. I believe in miracles. I like to walk in the rain. I see things that a lot of other people don’t (or don’t want to) see. I love deeply, dream often, and hope that when I leave this world, I’ve done something to leave it a better place.

So, maybe my style isn’t exactly what some other people think it should be, but it’s mine, and I’ll proudly own it.

Now, tell me, what’s your style?



    1. Thanks Rob! I’m a Pentax Girl for life! 🙂 The K-7 was my first DSLR. I shot with my old film K-1000 until film got waaaaay too expensive. I’ve since upgraded to the K-5iis and LOVE it!

  1. It’s a tricky thing! I wouldn’t have said I was much for fashion last month, but I went on a shopping spree and I have to admit, it feels freaking awesome wearing new clothes and redesigning yourself a little bit. It’s nice to dress classy, and I will suggest that fashion may be fickle, but it’s still relevant to our culture and to our lives, and there’s no shame in following it lightly and with a grain of salt. Having good taste is always in style.

    I do like your photograph up there, that’s a nice assortment of essentials. I am a cheap aviator wearing sunnovabitch as well, and don’t regret it for a second. Keep your style girl! But don’t be afraid to try new things, even just for the sake of it =)

    1. As much as I HATE shopping, I do admit if always feels good to try something new and broaden those fashion horizons. I draw the line at stiletto heels and purses though. That’s just never going to happen. 🙂

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