Okay, so I know that most parents probably try to put the hammer down when it comes to their kids jumping on the beds, but I like to pick my battles, and a little rowdy fun bouncing around on a bed isn’t anything that I’m going to get a bee in my bonnet about. The way I see it…

1. A good half-hour spent jumping on the bed is hopefully going to tire this energetic little munchkin out, and

2. If this is the naughtiest thing she’s going to do all day, I’m really okay with it.

Am I scared she might hurt herself? Yeah, it’s crossed my mind. But here’s the thing. This girl started walking at 9 months, running at 11 months, and was climbing on the furniture by her first birthday. By 1 1/2, she had already mastered the stairs, and could climb to the top of the tallest slides at the park. I can count on one hand the number of times she’s actually taken what could be considered a nasty spill. And even those times when she’s face-planted on the tile floor or totally biffed the landing on one of her flying leaps off the couch, she might cry for twenty or thirty seconds, before wiping the tears away and trying it again.

This girl’s got moves like a superhero. No joke.

So no, I’m not about to put a ban on the bed hopping. Not today, anyway. Because today, this just makes me smile.


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  1. Cute pictures!!! It looks like her hair has grown a couple of inches since we saw her two weeks ago. She definately has a lot of energy!

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