The reality of traveling with children is that you just need to be prepared for anything.

Need to arrive somewhere at a certain time? Be sure to pad at least an extra hour and a half into your schedule.

Forecast call for nothing but sunny skies and above average temperatures? Better make sure you pack an overcoat and umbrella, or have at least enough extra money to buy them.

Have every item on your checklist crossed off? You might want to take an extra five minutes to do one last walkthrough of the house and quadruple check your status before locking up and hitting the road.

Inevitably, something is going to be overlooked, forgotten, or misplaced and the best thing you can possibly do is just roll with it. Like today, for instance. After spending a few days at my parents’ house, we managed to get the car packed and hit the road well before our noontime goal, so we were pretty dang proud of ourselves…right up until Mom called to let us know we’d forgotten Cadence’s potty seat, which reminded us that we’d forgotten to have her go on the potty before we left the house.

Parenting fail.

So, we made a U-turn, drove halfway back and met up with my dad for a quick, side-of-the-highway-potty-seat-exchange, then spent a few extra minutes changing Cadence into a Pull-Up for the ride home. By the time we finished, we had attracted quite an audience outside…


You know what they say…There is no place like Nebraska.

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