Anyone who knows me knows that I am anti-purse.

Look, I’m not trying to upset anyone here. I have no problem with other people carrying purses. And if it’s someone’s prerogative to drop a couple hundred dollars on a designer handbag to go with a certain outfit, who am I to judge? But for me personally, it’s just not happening. I just don’t like purses. Period. End of story.

That being said, I’m not opposed to carrying a backpack, or even a shoulder or messenger bag. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, in the simplest terms, I guess it all boils down to rhinestones..

See, here’s the deal…I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t need to carry around a dozen beauty products. I don’t like carrying a large wallet or billfold. I don’t feel compelled to schlep half-used bottles of nail polish, miniature packets of Kleenex, or other assorted odds and ends. No beads, no bling, no rhinestones, no glittery, overly embroidered or bedazzled designer labels, please.

When I travel anywhere, all I really require is a notebook, a couple pens, my phone, my ID, and my camera. And, if I know I’m going to have some extra time to kill, a book or two to read. So, give me something sturdy, something sleek, something that matches my style and holds what I need.

And if that something is handmade in America and has a lifetime guarantee, I’m doubly impressed.

If you’ve never checked out Copper River Bags, I highly reccommend them. This beautiful bag, and all the things I carry in it, have a very long future ahead of us.


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  1. You certainly hit the nail on the head with this post. I love the picture! It would make a great picture for an ad for Copper River Bags!

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