Who’s that over there? That handsome young lad in the water, swimming a 500-meter race like it’s nothing?

Yeah, that’s my baby brother Collin. It’s his first year on the school swim team (he’s swam on a couple summer leagues, but that’s about it) and he’s OWNING that 500-meter race like he’s part fish.

500 meters. That’s 20 laps, people. 20 freakin’ laps. All at once. No stopping in the middle of the pool to drown or catch your breath or holler at the lifeguard to please toss a life preserver and haul your sorry ass out of the pool.

And that wasn’t even his first or last race of the day. Less than 5 minutes after finishing, Collin swam a leg in a relay. This kid is a swimming machine.

You go bro’!





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