It’s been a long, sleepless week. For some reason, Cadence has been waking up at 3:30 am, coming into our room, and insisting it’s time to get up. The first day it happened, we were completely taken by surprise and we actually thought it was time to get up. (Damn you winter and your shortened days).

Thank goodness Steve looked at his phone before we got out of bed and hit the showers.

Cadence wasn’t giving up without a fight.  She’d apparently had enough sleep, and wasn’t willing to get back in bed and lie down to try and get anymore. So, like any good parents would, we gave her the iPad and told her she could watch a movie if she didn’t want to sleep, but that she had to stay in her room and keep the volume down.

The next night…same thing. Only this time, we knew Cadence was trying to pull a fast one the minute she came into our room and our alarm clocks hadn’t gone off yet. Steven handed her the iPad and sent her on her way.

Luckily, the pattern didn’t continue past three days, or we all may not have survived.

Either way, we made it to the weekend with the long, sleepless week weighing on us, and by the time Steven and I got home from my office Christmas Party around 10:30, we were exhausted and ready for bed.

Yeah, we’re old.

Cosette, on the other hand, was ready to resume her shenanigans. We heard squeals of surprise and uncontrollable giggling when Cadence ran downstairs this morning, so we followed along behind to see what all the fuss was about.

“Mom! Dad! Look!” she cried, laughing with that hearty belly laugh that you can’t help but laugh right along with. “Cosette is hiding in Mister Tato-my-head’s butt! She’s so silly! Look! Look!”

Oh, Cosette, you crazy elf. What will you think of next?









**Disclaimer – Steven would like to let everyone know that he takes full credit for the elf-in-the-butt idea. 🙂

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