I don’t know how it happens, year after year, but Christmas just has a way of sneaking up on us. One minute, life is just sort of cruising along. Halloween arrives, followed by Thanksgiving. We have every intention of getting our Christmas decorations out and getting a tree up, and then it snows or someone gets sick or life gets crazy with work and commitments and appointments and suddenly it’s mid-December and we realize we haven’t done jack.

Yeah, it happened again. We’re not even going to start making excuses.

So we finally got our butts in gear yesterday. Got a tree. Got it put in the stand and decorated (though I’m still pretty certain there’s a whole box of ornaments somewhere in the basement that Stevie can’t fine, even though he insists there isn’t). We even cleared a prime spot on top of the piano for the beautiful Willow Tree nativity set my friend Jenny and her parents got for us as a wedding gift.

And you know Cosette was mighty impressed. We found her admiring the scene when we woke this morning…



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