Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate getting my picture taken. Hate, loathe, despise, abhor…there really isn’t even a word strong enough to describe it. I’ve always been more comfortable behind the camera, standing in the shadows, observing first in lieu of diving right in and throwing myself in the center of the spotlight.

Throughout my childhood I had a tendency to just run from the camera, or throw a hand up in front of my face whenever someone pointed one my way. When Mom and Dad would force us into one of the customary family photo ops (standing in front of the Christmas tree, posing with Grandma in our Easter dresses), I would usually resort to making a goofy face or plastering one of those just-take-the-damn-picture-I’m-smiling-as-hard-as-I-can-right-now-and-my-face-is-starting-to-hurt smiles on my face until the flash blinded us and I could run off and play again.

By the time I hit adolescence and young adulthood, my disdain for being photographed stemmed more from my eating disorder and my self-loathing. I hid from the camera (and behind it) because I wanted nothing more than to be able to observe life without really being forced to participate in it. It took a whole lot of time (and therapy) to finally begin to see that there was something worth photographing, something worth preserving. And while I’m still not especially comfortable in front of the camera, I try to make a conscious effort these days to put myself in front of it every now and then, especially now that I’m capturing myself and memories for Cadence and Henry too.

So maybe you’re the type of person who thinks selfies are stupid, or that anyone who takes a selfie and shares it must be some sort of egomaniac, but for some of us, the selfie can be the most unobtrusive and painless ways to break another little piece out of our protective shells and get ourselves in front of the camera. Cadence and Stevie and I, we’ve become self-proclaimed selfie masters, and I’m sure it won’t be long before Henry is too.

Seems even the elves have been practicing. With a little help from my trusty GCBAA selfie stick, Cosette and Henry took a truly epic sELFie.

Get it, s-ELFie.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Enjoy!

Oh, and the best part of the sELFie? Pedro the parrot totally photobombed. Best selfie ever.








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