Stevie likes to tell the story of how he and his siblings were never allowed to eat Mallomars growing up. Even when they were in the fridge, staring Stevie and his siblings right in the face, his Dad would forbid the kids to eat them, saying they were an adult-only cookie.

Knowing Richie, there was probably a much more detailed and barely truthful list of reason why the kids weren’t allowed to have any. But whatever the reasoning, the story stuck.

I hit the supermarket after work to pick up a few things, and happened to spy a box of Mallomars on the shelf. I tossed them in the cart, thinking it would be a nice surprise for Stevie, and something new that Cadence might enjoy trying.

Of course, the box of Mallomars was the first thing Cadence spied when I walked through the door. I swear, the girl has some ridiculous radar when it comes to anything chocolate (must be my share of her DNA). As soon as she pulled them from the bag, Stevie started hollering:

“Oh no! No way! No kids allowed! Those are for adults!”

Cadence didn’t even miss a beat before she started hollering right back.

“Uh-uh Daddy! Sharing is caring! Kids can eat cookies too!”

“You ask your Pop-Pop! Let’s get him on the phone right now. Kids can eat any cookies, except Mallomars! No way! They’re made of alcohol. You’ll get drunk.”

“Uh-uh Daddy! I can have some, right Mommy?!”

All I could do was laugh as the hollering continued.

After dinner (which was pizza, because now that I know how to make NY-style pizza at home, we’re slightly obsessed), Cadence snuck quietly into the fridge and returned with the box of Mallomars. Stevie just rolled his eyes and sighed and muttered under his breath as Cadence took her first bite of adult-cookie heaven.

“Mmmm…” she said.

“Yeah, mmm is right. I never got to eat these when I was your age. Wait ’til I tell your Pop-Pop.”

And I guess all the arguing must have piqued the interest of our little elves because this is how we found them when we got up this morning…










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