Everyone knows Electra is a food whore. And if they don’t know it, they figure it out pretty quick. Most of the time, people think we’re kidding when we tell them they have to keep an eye on their dinner plates when they come over. People think we’re crazy when we leave a long list of instructions for our dogsitters, giving them very specific details on the frequency and amount of Electra’s feedings and treats.

Yeah, they think we’re crazy, right up until Electra pulls a ninja move and steals an entire cheeseburger right off their plates, or they keep feeding her until she doesn’t act hungry anymore (which is right about the time she’s eaten 18-pounds of dog food and the lining of her stomach is stretched so thin it’s ready to burst).

Seems even the elves have figured out how crazy Electra is about her food, so they decided to tease her a bit, and dangle one of her dog treats just a few feet out of reach.

As you can tell, Electra was not amused.

Or maybe she was. She can be a tough one to read.







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