It’s been awhile since I’ve done some kind of an “About Me” post (although pretty much every post on this blog will tell you something about me), so I thought maybe I’d throw a few things out there about myself, and then ask the folks out there reading my blog to post something about themselves in the comments.

I like to know who my stalkers are, and I want to see if I need to be stalking anyone in return. Come on, it’ll be fun.

So here, you go. This is me, in bullet points…


*When I was 4, my Mom caught me just as I was sleepwalking out the back door of the house in the middle of the night, and in college I once cleaned my entire dorm room in my sleep. I married a guy who occasionally dreams of aliens and screams in his sleep. We’re quite a pair.

*I am addicted to coffee and chocolate. Give me a freshly brewed cup of Bad Ass Tropical Coconut coffee and a Cadbury Creme Egg and I’m in heaven.

*Last summer, I went on a work trip to Kentucky and developed a taste for bourbon. Give me a small glass of Basil Hayden’s neat and I’m a happy girl.

*I have a 5-minute Complaint Rule that I live by–Bitch and moan all you want for 5 minutes. After that, it’s time to figure out what you need to do to fix the problem. And if it can’t be fixed, time to move the hell on.

*I am ridiculously good a first-person shooter games. I have yet to meet anyone who can beat me playing multiplayer mode on James Bond or Perfect Dark (and yes, I still have my Nintendo64, so anytime you want to challenge me to a game, bring it on!).

*I believe that some people come into my life for the sole purpose of teaching me patience.

*I secretly want to be an FBI profiler and catch serial killers…or work on the X-Files.

*I am a borderline book hoarder. I still have every textbook from college (undergrad and grad school), with the exception of one religion book I sold back on principle because it was so poorly written (I draw the line at finding numerous typos).

*I’ve always been a bit of a wallflower, but I married the Homecoming King. Somehow, we’re perfect together.

*I cannot work at an empty desk. My husband calls it clutter, but from that organized mess, I draw my inspiration.

*I’ve seen a lot of great movies, but my favorite is still Dirty Dancing.

*In high school, I drove a puke green 1969 Buick Skylark. I miss it every day.

*If I won the lottery, I would write, take classes, and travel for the rest of my life.

*There’s something about string instruments–piano, violin, cello, guitar, etc.–that hits me right in the soul.

*I have a love/hate relationship with bananas.

*I think I would probably go crazy if I couldn’t write.

*I cannot sleep without covers, even when it’s hot.

*I’ve had two babies and was in labor with my daughter for almost 72 hours, but I still couldn’t tell you what a contraction feels like. Because of this, my husband (and a small group of nurses in Arizona) believe that I have superhuman powers.

*Carol Burnett and Ellen Degeneres are tied at the top of my People I’d Like to Have a Beer With list. David Lynch is a close 2nd.

*I handwrite at least one draft of everything before typing it (with the exception of blog posts).

*If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would be Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson rock. End of story.

*I believe in God, ghosts, guardian angels, and gratitude. I believe you reap what you sow. I believe that there is evil in this world, but there is far more goodness. I believe that miracles happen every day if you take the time to notice them. I believe that people can change if they really want to. I believe in saying sorry. I believe in hugs, handshakes, hard work, and humility. I believe that one smile and one small act of kindness can turn a whole day around. I believe you should always trust your intuition. I believe in taking chances. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t see the bigger picture at that moment. I believe in love at first sight, losing yourself in a good book, and letting go.

*One day, I will write a book.


Your turn.

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