“Ok, you’re gonna think I’m a total lunatic, and if that’s the case, I’ll understand if you say no, but I’ve got a game that I think we should play…”

Anytime my hubby leads into a conversation with “Okay, you’re gonna think I’m a total lunatic” I know I’m in for something good because, odds are, I’m gonna be game (and I’m probably going to think it’s just as crazy/funny/awesome as my hubby does because, well, we both have a very similar and very warped sense of humor).

The game is called Dave Thomas, the Founder of Wendy’s. Stevie found out about it listening to Episode 20 of the What Say You? podcast with Brian Quinn (Q) and Sal Vulcano, whom you may recognize from the hilarious TV show Impractical Jokers (and if you haven’t watched it yet, do so immediately).

Ok, so here’s the premise, you have to get someone to say the word “Who?” You have to bait someone. You have to pick your moment carefully. If a person knows about the game, they are automatically playing the game. So you scheme and you plot and you pick your moment and you get your friend to ask, “Who?” and then you fire back at them “Dave Thomas, the Founder of Wendy’s!”

Bam! You get a point.

And the game continues.

The game is going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. January 1, the slate is wiped clean and the games starts over and you play for sheer joy and that gotcha moment where you are victorious and your opponents are kicking themselves and vowing revenge.

Six months might pass, but Stevie could turn to me randomly while we’re cooking dinner and say, “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you who I saw today…” If I say, “Who?” He will suddenly yell, “Dave Thomas, the Founder of Wendy’s!” and then proceed to dance around the kitchen and rile the kids up into a tizzy.

But, sometimes I just might be on my game, and instead of falling into his carefully laid trap, I can fire back with a “Dave Thomas, the Founder of Wendy’s! Booyah!”, and then I get a point.

It’s simple and stupid and so freakin’ satisfying.

When we first started playing, Stevie was routinely kicking my ass. He Dave Thomased me every day for almost a week. I got a little smarter and managed to get a few points here and there. Then we branched out and introduced the game to a few of our friends. Looking through some old iPhone picks from 2014, I happened across this little gem:


Inspired by my cleverness (and the fact that Beebe and I haven’t Dave Thomased each other in more than a year, I decided to try and catch her tonight while working on my blog post. It took her awhile to answer, and I was afraid I may have tipped her off, but then this happened…

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.34.05 PM

And now my night is complete.

2016 scorecard
Lori = 1
Beebe = 0

Until next time…

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