So I needed to get a few pics of Miss C with her tooth before the crazy ol’ fairy came and took it away (and if we’re being completely honest, Miss C lost her tooth late last night and Stevie and I didn’t have any cash in the house to make the appropriate trade), so we did what any good parents would do…we lied.

Okay, maybe lied is a bit harsh. We didn’t lie exactly, we just told her that it was really late and Mommy wanted to take some photos, so could we please hold off and keep her tooth safe for just one more night and then leave it under her pillow for tomorrow.

And sweet girl that she is, Cadence said, “Sure!” and was more than happy to model for me this morning after swimming lessons.









Never fails. Tell Cadence to smile so we can see her teeth and she just ends up looking deranged.

As usual, Henry and Electra kept a close eye on things…








And now the kiddos are down for the night and Stevie and I are trying to figure out how we’re going to sneak out way into Miss C’s room to make sure the Tooth Fairy does her damn job tonight. Ah, the joys of being a parent.

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