Even in the darkest days of my life–the days when I questioned my life, my faith, my purpose, my very existence–I always managed to hold onto a thin thread of belief that the things that happen in our lives happen for a reason. The situations and circumstances we experience teach us important lessons, and the people we encounter along the way help our souls grow and evolve, either from the hard lessons they teach us or from the love and support they bring to our lives.

Every day, at least once a day, I stop in my tracks and marvel at how blessed I am. I’ve got some amazing people in my life.

I mean, some seriously amazing people.

And it makes me chuckle sometimes to think that a whole group of these folks came from what may have, quite possibly, been the most dysfunctional and hellish work experience of my entire life. No joke, folks, this place was like some twisted real-life mash-up of the movies Office Space, Glengarry Glen Ross, and the factory where Tom Hanks’ character Joe works at the beginning of Joe vs. the Volcano.

But that is another story (or rather, a whole series of stories) for another time.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I stayed sane the year I worked there was because the Universe somehow managed to pull a group of seriously fabulous people together under that leaky roof. We all may have walked in alone, but what we’ve been able to take with us has been worth every ounce of frustration we endured.

And nights like tonight, when Sam Bates and Beebe and Katiana and Ashley and Cayla and Morgan and Steven take my daughter out on a special birthday dinner date, treating her to pizza and ice cream and a trip to the bookstore for a few new books and an impromptu performance with a local musician, my heart swells so big with love for these beautiful women that I think for a moment it just might explode. Cadence came home with her belly full and her eyes shining and she couldn’t wait to tell me and her daddy about her amazing night “out with the girls” (and Steven). And I sit here now in my quiet house with Cadence and Henry tucked into their beds and I thank God again for blessing me with these friends who fill our lives with so much joy.

Thank you all for another great night and another great memory. We love you!





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