So, anyone who has met my son knows what I’m talking about when I say that Henry has a signature “look.” I don’t know how to explain it, other than the kid just looks shocked most of the time, even when there’s really nothing shocking going on. We can just be sitting around in the living room or eating dinner and you’ll sneak a look over at Henry and you’ll see him looking back at you like this…


Appalled. Henry is apparently appalled by everything.

We’ve been joking for awhile that we want to take a picture and start making memes, but up until Stevie snapped this little gem during dinner tonight, we just haven’t been able to catch the look before little H-man breaks into a big toothy grin. But tonight, Stevie got the gold, and now it’s on. Introducing Henry the meme. Oh, there are so many possibilities…


Of course that one is for Stevie. He’s still bitter about Utley’s dirty slide in the playoffs last year.


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