There is no denying our dog is a sweetheart. She loves to snuggle. She’s awesome with the kids. She immediately loves everyone who walks through the door (which won’t bode well for us if someone ever breaks into our house). In many ways, Electra is the perfect dog.

And then she goes and reminds us that even our sweet, droopy-faced hound can be a freakin’ jerk.

Case in point–not only did Electra manage to swindle us out of two 7:30 feedings by feigning starvation when I came downstairs after putting Henry to bed (even though Stevie had just fed her not even 5 minutes prior), but she also decided to dig the Iams bag out of the garbage while we were upstairs putting Cadence to bed, and then she proceeded to tear the bag into tiny pieces and strew them across the floor just so she could lick the last few crumbs out of the empty bag.

Crumbs! All this for crumbs, people! After she already had double dinner.

Seriously, the dog is out of control.

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