So it’s time to really put up or shut up with this 365 Project. Either I get serious and commit to daily posts, or I don’t. It’s that simple.

My biggest issue is myself. It always has been. I get in my own way. I psyche myself out. I talk myself out of writing by telling myself that I’m no good or that I don’t have anything relevant to say. I let that little voice of self-doubt weasel its way in and wreak havoc when what I should really be doing is what I do best without passing judgement on what I haven’t even written yet.

People will read it, or the won’t. They’ll like it, or they won’t. Either way, it’s out there, and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

I find myself falling into the trap of believing that there’s something better just around the next corner–a better idea, a better project, a better opportunity. But the only thing that way of thinking does is pull my attention away from the perfectly amazing moments happening right here and now, the moments that I’m not really even enjoying because I’m so focused on what could possibly come next.

But what happens if next never comes?

I’m sorry, but life is just way too short for that. If we spend all of our time imagining something better over the rainbow, we won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of it from the spot where we’re standing.

Time to stop and enjoy the view, because from where I stand, it’s looking pretty awesome right now.


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