Cadence burst into our room so early this morning Electra wasn’t even up yet. She’s definitely her Daddy’s daughter. She wakes up way too early running in high gear and she has two volumes…loud and louder-because-I’m-really-excited.

Here’s how the conversation went…

Cadence: “Mom! Dad! It’s gonna make you so crazy when you see what the elves did to the eggs!”

Lori: “What? Why? Did they break them?”

Cadence: “No.”

Stevie: “Did they make me some breakfast?”

Cadence: “No!”

Stevie: “Damn! I was hoping they made breakfast.”

Lori: “Yeah that would have been really awesome.”

Stevie: “Right!?”

Cadence: (exasperated sigh) “No guys they didn’t break anything and they didn’t make breakfast. They drew funny faces on all the eggs with Sharpie markers! Wait til you see!”

Lori: “Oh, well I guess that’s just about as cool as breakfast.”

Stevie: “Yeah, we’ll come down soon and see. Why don’t you go make breakfast?”

But she was already gone.

She was excited to show Henry later, and he still wasn’t quite sure what to think.

I get it little buddy. These elves are trouble.





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