Sometimes I sit here at the end of the day struggling to find something to write.

See what happens when you procrastinate?

But here’s the thing. It was a long day, a good day. And I don’t think I need to make myself feel guilty for not sitting down and coming up with something witty and clever to share on my blog today. Here’s what I did instead…

I enjoyed my time at work (and didn’t have any idle downtime where I felt bored or unfulfilled). I made progress on a few projects. I spent some quality time with my kiddos, working on homework and reading books before bedtime. I cooked a delicious dinner (why thank you Blue Apron!). I exchanged messages and shared some fond memories with old friends. I watched a couple episodes of The Office for a few laughs after H-man went to bed. I snuggled with the dog. I looked up options for flights to New York if we can manage to swing a trip out East this summer. I had some great conversations. And I laughed, a lot.

It might not seem like much. I didn’t write the great American novel or solve world hunger or break any impressive world records. But the little things, the little moments, those all have a way of adding up to a pretty great day, a pretty great life.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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