I don’t tend to be an ostrich sort–you know, one of those people who avoids conflict like the plague and generally tries to quickstep around any unpleasantness. I like to face things head on, tackle the problem.

Let it in and let it go. You know?

But there’s one thing that may have gotten the best of me. There is one thing that I am now officially avoiding because dammit, I just can’t face the reality anymore…

I just saw that we may be in for some freezing rain and another 2-8 inches of snow this weekend. I know. I know. We live in Nebraska and it’s February, but this has reached the point of ridiculousness.

Somebody, please make it stop. And until it does, I’m just going to do my best and try to ignore the fact that, if the weather in Nebraska is any indication, hell may have legitimately frozen over.

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