I wish I’d actually recorded a little of what went down last night after I got the mouse trap set up, because I know it’s a little hard to believe without any video evidence. But here’s the thing–that little mouse spent almost an hour toying with me. It managed to eat all of the peanut butter out of the trap. Then it spent the rest of the hour running around inside the cupboard climbing the walls, sniffing around the camera, and at one point even CLIMBING UP AND SITTING RIGHT ON TOP OF THE TRAP!

I shit you not.

At that point, I uttered a long list of curse words and decided to give up and go to bed.

So tonight, I decided to double down. The traps came in a two pack, and I figured maybe the law of averages would mean that our little mouse friend wouldn’t be able to outwit a duo of death.

Or maybe he would…and I’d have to start seriously considering whether Stevie and I are really the ones in charge around here.

The motion detector went off a few minutes after Stevie headed up to bed. I turned on the camera to verify, and look who decided to return for a repeat performance…

As much as I hate the thought of sharing my house with rodents, I couldn’t bring myself to sit and watch what was about to go down. But then ten minutes passed, fifteen.

No telltale snap.

I pulled the feed back up to take a peek, and I watched the little bugger happily feasting from the first trap and then move on to the second.

I could feel my blood pressure starting to rise.

I turned the feed off and decided if Mr. Mouse somehow managed to survive another night, I was going to head back to the store and by God I would carpet that damn cupboard with traps if that’s what it took.

But then I heard it happen, a muffled snap and then silence.

Sorry Mr. Mouse. Wherever you go from here, I hope it’s a happier place.

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