This morning I discovered a small hole in my slacks (of course, right after I got to work so there was no way to change them) and the sole of my left shoe suddenly detached itself halfway through the day (yep, time for a new pair).

But, I got a few items checked off my endless to-do list. I took a nice long walk around campus during my lunch hour. I soaked up a little sun and enjoyed the beautiful spring day. I did a little reading. I had a great discussion with the front desk crew in my office about the best characters and movies in the Marvel universe. I got an email from Dr. Nakhai (and it sounds like I just might get to spend some much-needed time with her in June). I had a nice dinner with Stevie and the kids (Blue Apron for the win!). I listened to an episode of My Favorite Murder and the Come From Away soundtrack (yeah, I’m just a wee bit obsessed with both). I enjoyed a Cadbury Egg, (mmm…my favorite!) I had a good talk with Henry as I rocked him before bed. I had a good laugh watching the new episode of Bob’s Burgers with Stevie and Cadence. And I just might be getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

How’s that for an awesome day?

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