Day 16 – Find what makes you smile

When you’re exhausted and need to rest, but life just keeps piling things on top of you, find what makes you smile and hold on. Tomorrow is a new day.

Deep thoughts with Electra Romano.

Day 6 – A day of rest

Sundays are for resting. Electra takes this very seriously.

You know, we could learn a few things from this hound.

Me and my shadow

Among her many…uh…quirks, Electra seems to have a teensy little bit of separation anxiety. And by teensy, I mean that she has a tendency to lie on our shoes when we try to put them on in the morning in a cunning attempt to keep us from walking out the door. She howls (eardrum-shattering, the-neighbors-probably-think-we’re-killing-her howls) when we come home, whenever we come home, whether we’ve been gone a week or 10 minutes. And just the sight of a suitcase (whether we’re packing it or rearranging the closet) can send her straight into a frenzy. She follows us around the house, wide-eyed and panting, refusing to let us out of her sight.

The wee hours

I really should be in bed. It’s been a rough week sleep-wise. Henry is working on another tooth (or three), Stevie was up one night not feeling well and then headed out of town, Cadence ended up in my bed and coughed through the night from her allergies, Electra has been alternating between snoring, howling in her sleep, and dropping noxious gas bombs in the middle of the night, and I…well…I can’t seem to turn my brain off once the kids go to bed and the house finally gets quiet.

Electra strikes again

There is no denying our dog is a sweetheart. She loves to snuggle. She’s awesome with the kids. She immediately loves everyone who walks through the door (which won’t bode well for us if someone ever breaks into our house). In many ways, Electra is the perfect dog.

And then she goes and reminds us that even our sweet, droopy-faced hound can be a freakin’ jerk.

Case in point–not only did Electra manage to swindle us out of two 7:30 feedings by feigning starvation when I came downstairs after putting Henry to bed (even though Stevie had just fed her not even 5 minutes prior), but she also decided to dig the Iams bag out of the garbage while we were upstairs putting Cadence to bed, and then she proceeded to tear the bag into tiny pieces and strew them across the floor just so she could lick the last few crumbs out of the empty bag.

Crumbs! All this for crumbs, people! After she already had double dinner.

Seriously, the dog is out of control.

Bad ideas

Sometimes, Electra just has bad ideas. Yesterday was one of those days.

First, she tried semi-successfully to jump over the baby gate when some guests came through the front door. She got a little too excited and greatly over-estimated both her athletic ability and the height of said gate. If it wasn’t for me standing there at that particular moment and giving her hind end a firm shove, she would have gotten that long, Basset body of hers high-centered smack in the middle of the doorway.

And you better believe if I didn’t fear a resulting injury, I would have been all over taking a photo of that for the blog. I mean, there are few dogs as uncoordinated as my dog and, well, sometimes you just can’t help but document the mess.

Electra’s second bad idea of the day happened about 20 minutes after I raised the baby gate, hoping to prevent another misguided leap. So this time, she thought maybe she’d try to squeeze her way through the space at the bottom.

Sorry Miss Electra. I don’t think this one is going to work out either. Even Henry is trying to tell you this is a mistake.

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