Day 113 – Stevie and his cats

Whoever decided to prank my husband by attaching this lovely decal to the back of his car absolutely won the day.

He admitted that he must have looked like a fool, walking out into the parking lot and having to stop and stare at his own car for a few minutes wondering why someone else with that ridiculous cat family sticker was in the spot where he swore he remembered parking that morning. And then it dawned on him that it was HIS car and someone at work decided to play a little joke.

The part that cracked me up was that his co-workers were probably watching him out the office windows and cracking up at his confusion.

So next time you see Stevie out driving around, make sure you compliment him on his adorable cats. 🙂

Day 112 – Let’s talk turkey

When your week at work starts out like this, you know it’s going to be a good one…

Yes, that is a turkey, and apparently she was having a good time climbing on some Administrators’ cars this morning (including the Chancellor’s).

This was happening right outside my building when I arrived this morning. Who could possibly have a bad day after this?

Shoutout to my colleague Dan for snapping these photos as he walked by the parking lot on his way into the office. 🙂

Day 111 – Happy Easter 2019

Only managed to a get a few photos of the madness, but it was a good day! Of course, Cadence was up at the crack of dawn itching to get outside and hunt eggs. Henry finally rolled out of bed at 8:30 and was immediately on edge when the eggs he worked so hard coloring were gone.

“Hey!” he hollered. “That Easter Bunny stole my eggs! I gonna hit him!” Then he ran to the window to see if he could catch the thieving bunny in the act while Stevie and I cracked up and explained to him that, no, the bunny didn’t steal the eggs, he just hid them…like a joke.

Henry was not impressed, but was excited once we got outside and starting hunting.

Cadence ran around the yard so fast, I barely got a photo of her, but I did manage to wrangle both kids on the step for a quick minute to snap what may be my favorite photo ever.

Notice the creeper in the window behind the kids…

Electra was as irritated as Henry that she didn’t get a chance to catch that bunny and eat any of the hard-boiled eggs. Sorry dog, maybe next year.

Had some family time, a delicious brunch, another egg hunt at Grandma and Papa’s house, and then headed back home to soak up the last few hours of the weekend.

And yeah, Henry was still threatening to hit that bunny if any of his eggs went missing.

Happy Easter all!

Day 110 – Easter prep

Had some fun with the kiddos today coloring Easter eggs. Minimal breakage, and just one minor battle when Cadence apparently looked at one of Henry’s eggs wrong and he felt the need to give her a jab in the ribs.

Bring on the Easter Bunny.

Day 102 – 2-0

With a 3-1 win tonight over the Penguins, the Islanders are now 2-0 in the series.

And the playoff beard lives on.

Day 100 – Talkin’ about playoffs

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he’s basically a sports nut. He’ll watch basically any competitive sport–curling, NASCAR, horse racing, boxing, golf, stuff that he really doesn’t even really follow, but is content to sit and watch if the opportunity presents itself.

Then, there are his teams–the Mets, the Jets, the Islanders. And between the baseball season, the football seasons, and the hockey season (that basically feels like it’s yearround), there is always some team that we’re following in this house. Baseball has just begun, so Stevie is obviously excited to see how his Mets are going to do this season. But hockey…hockey is where it’s at right now because the New York Islanders are in the playoffs and beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first playoff game tonight.

So here are a couple of observations I made today:

1. Apparently Stevie made the decision to grow a playoff beard this year. Somehow I missed the fact that he hasn’t shaved since the season ended (4 days today), and he informed me tonight that he’s not shaving until the Islanders either get knocked out of the playoffs or win the Stanley Cup. Yeah, you know there will be updates on this and probably some Skeevy Stevie weird beard pics.

2. Hockey is the most exciting sport to watch with my husband. Stevie gets a little nuts about all of his teams, but man, there’s nothing like hockey. Every time the Islanders score a goal there’s a lot of yelling and running around the room, arms extended to do the airplane. There’s also usually the tearing off of the shirt and flexing of muscles. I snapped a picture of the madness tonight when the Islanders scored the go-ahead goal in the 3rd period. Even Electra wasn’t sure what to think.

Obviously, this is a developing story. Please check back for updates.