Project Life 365 – Day 80 – Weather

Well, yesterday may have been the first official day of spring, but it looks like winter isn’t giving up on us yet. After such a great afternoon spent playing outside and enjoying the sun and mild temperatures earlier this week, both Cadence and Electra had a hard time believing their eyes when they woke up this morning and saw the abrupt change in the weather…


Project Life 365 – Day 78 – In the House

Sorry folks. Couldn’t do it. After a long winter cooped up inside, getting snowed in, an epic battle with a stomach bug, and a report of one last nasty winter storm on the way, I just couldn’t stand to be in the house today. The sun was peeking out from behind the cotton ball clouds. Yesterday’s ferocious wind had blown itself out. And the mercury was creeping just shy of 50 degrees when Cadence woke from her nap. And that’s what I call a recipe for an afternoon enjoying the great outdoors.

And yeah, we had a blast…













Project Life 365 – Day 75 – The Middle

Sometimes you just can’t help but feel stuck…right in the middle of things. It might feel like nothing is ever going to change. It might feel like the frustration or the pain or the uncertainty is going to go on forever. You might be so convinced that the long winter is never going to end that you don’t even notice the beauty blooming right before your eyes.

Funny thing is…no matter how mired you feel in your personal little rut, the world just keeps right on spinning. The sun rises and sets. Time keeps marching on. The secret is to take a cue from the Universe and keep moving forward right along with it. Because you’re always going to be in the middle…right where the future intersects with the past…but you’re only “stuck” if you allow yourself to be.

So don’t allow it.