Project Life 365 – Day 57 – Blue

In spite of all the maddening moments–the tantrums, the stubbornness, the intentional pushing of the parental buttons–I have to admit, 3 is a pretty fun age. Steven and I have a front row seat to witness our daughter’s personality really beginning to emerge. And, I gotta say, the only thing better than my baby girl’s beautiful blue eyes are the expressions that go along with them.

I’m telling you folks, if this kid doesn’t grow up to be a star on the stage or screen, I will eat my camera strap. Believe me, I’m not about to push Cadence down any path or into any extracurricular activity or career that she has no interest in, but I have seen very few children who love to perform (and practice it as much) as Cadence does. No joke. She can spend several hours a day acting out scenes from her favorite movies and cartoons in front of the mirror or window (or any shiny surface where she can see her reflection), changing her position and expression a little each time until she gets it just right.

Remember the scene in Cinderella where the stepmother announces that the girl who fits the glass slipper will the Prince’s bride, and Cinderella gasps, “The Prince!?” and drops the tray full of dishes? Yeah, Cadence practiced that one over two months until she mastered it, dropping pieces of her toy dinnerware all over the house and scaring the shit out of Steven, Electra, and I the first few dozen times we heard things crashing onto the wood floors.

Movie scenes, lines from her favorite cartoons, commercial jingles, TV theme songs, choreographed dance moves–you name it, Cadence will have it down, memorized, and ready to perform. Who needs cable when you’ve got Cadence in the house?

And for anyone who knows my movie-line-quoting husband, you can imagine how excited he is to have someone besides his wife who thinks it’s awesome to repeat favorite lines and scenes over and over and over again. He’s already plotting to ask Cadence if she wants to do the “Who’s on First” bit for her first school talent show. And knowing this kid, I have every reason to believe that she will freakin’ ROCK it!


365 Project – Day 288 – Cadence’s First Crush

So, it’s official, my daughter has her very first crush. But, there are two small problems:

1. He’s a cartoon character.

2. He’s a lizard.

But, about the time she actually starts having serious crushes on real human boys, I might think back to this and realize it’s not so bad.

It’s actually kind of cute, really, how my daughter has fallen head over heels in love with Rango. Except for the fact that she is getting downright demanding about watching her favorite movie at least three times a day. I mean, it’s a great movie, don’t get me wrong. It cracks me up every time we watch it. But three times a day? Hell, these days she insists that I start it over at the beginning as soon as the end credits begin to roll, and today she even had a minor meltdown that resulted in a timeout when her Daddy told her no, she wasn’t going to watch it again.

The best part about Cadence’s crush is that she has started acting out her favorite parts of the movie, and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite as entertaining as Toddler-Piece Theater. Just last night, Steven and I were treated to a comical rendition of a few of the scenes that Cadence currently likes the most (any scene where the characters make a raspberry or spitting down, or when Rango’s posse rides to the music).


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