Project Life 365 – Day 68 – Contained

For as much trouble as Electra’s hyper-sensitive nose can get her into–surfing the counters and tabletops for unsupervised scraps, brazenly stealing food from unsuspecting houseguests and children, and taking off in a dead sprint after any small animal that smells halfway interesting–she really isn’t all that hard to keep contained.

Let’s face it, folks. This is one hound that is not going to win any contests where endurance, stamina, or even basic athletic ability are involved. And even those few times she has managed to escape from the confines of our yard, she’s got the equivalent of maybe two city blocks of motivation in her. And hell, even if she happened to wander father than that, you can bet she’d be doing it at a snail’s pace…probably because she’s busy tracking a snail…nose to the ground, tail fanning the air with such force it’s a wonder she doesn’t begin to lift off the ground helicopter-style.

Plus, the thing about Electra is, she’s a whole lot smarter than we all probably give her credit for. She knows where her food dish is. And she knows, right down to the millisecond, what time she’s supposed to get fed. This is one dog who is not likely to wander farther than a mile from the source of her kibble.

But we won’t test my theory…We’ll just keep Electra right here where she belongs.


Project Life 365 – Day 61 – Photobomb

Okay, so I know today’s theme was supposed to be “Process”, but I’ll tell you right now, I drew a big, fat blank on that one.

All day long, nothing but nothing.

So, I decided to change today’s theme to “Photobomb” and submit this little gem for your viewing pleasure…


The real question here is, who is doing the photobombing here…Steven or Electra?

I’ll let you decide. Leave a comment and cast your vote. 🙂

Project Life 365 – Day 26 – Guest

With all the ups and downs we’ve had with the temperatures lately, the poor squirrels around here don’t know whether they should be hibernating or not. This little guy paid us a visit, and all he wanted was a drink from the birdbath. It took a little bit of effort to chew through the ice on the surface, but finally his persistence paid off.


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