Gnome without a home

So, our provocative gnome (who remains nameless, as we have yet to come up with a name yet that is befitting of this awesome little guy), has recently become homeless. Thanks to an unexpected late-winter snowstorm, the birdbath provocative gnome used to lounge in was destroyed. And somehow, having him lie on the patio table just isn’t quite the same as the long summer days he spent sprawled out in his little birdbath pool.

Don’t worry little gnome. We’ll find you another prime piece of real estate soon.


Project Life 365 – Day 26 – Guest

With all the ups and downs we’ve had with the temperatures lately, the poor squirrels around here don’t know whether they should be hibernating or not. This little guy paid us a visit, and all he wanted was a drink from the birdbath. It took a little bit of effort to chew through the ice on the surface, but finally his persistence paid off.



With the exception of a very few coveted items (her favorite milk cup, her drawing pad, and her Daddy’s Ipad), Cadence has never really been one of those “Mine” kids.

Where’s some wood? I should probably knock. Odds are, I’ll say this now and she’ll wake up tomorrow hellbent on hoarding her possessions and making a liar out of me.

But honestly, Cadence is a pretty easygoing kid overall and will share just about anything willingly. Give her something to eat and she’ll always offer you a bite. Give her a toy to play with and she’ll always offer you a turn.

The backyard birdbath though? She ain’t sharing that with anyone…not even the birds. This poor little guy had enough time to land and get just one little sip before Cadence spotted him…

“Hey!” she hollered.

Then she ran across the yard, waving her little yellow shovel, yelling and barking like Lady fromĀ Lady and the Tramp. (Yeah, that’s another one of Cadence’s new “things”–barking like Lady and chasing birds. Crazy kid!).

And once Mr. Bird flew away and peace was restored to her little universe, Cadence was content to play.

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