Project Life 365 – Day 86 – Book

This photo should be used as an illustration in a book titled How NOT to Park.

I mean, really? Did you even try? Like, even a little bit? Or did you just roll up, say ‘Eff it”, and head into the mall for an afternoon of shopping?

However it happened, let’s chalk this up to one big EPIC FAIL in parking history.


Project Life 365 – Day 21 – Dream

Anyone who knows me knows that the biggest dream of my life is to write and publish a book. I always fancied myself a fiction writer. I have file cabinet drawers full of ideas, articles, stories, notes, journals, random slips of paper with hurriedly scribbled messages to myself. I have notebooks filled cover to cover, and page after page of typed  on the computer, but for the longest time, I was just stuck. There were so many stories, so many characters, so many different settings and plots and themes and what if’s floating around in my brain that I just could decide which story I wanted to tell first.

Imagine my surprise when the first full-length manuscript I drafted was a memoir–a story of my adoption, my reunion, and all the tragically beautiful years in between. At this point, it’s still a very rough draft, but it’s there, in black and white, just waiting to be finished.

And, interestingly enough, it all started with a dream…


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