The Madness Begins…

It’s going to get hectic around here very soon, and I have to admit, I’m a little bit anxious. Here are the highlights…

I’ve got two prom sessions to process for Miss Katie and my sister Whitney.

Steven, Cadence and I are going to tour a preschool tomorrow to see if we like it to enroll Cadence for the fall.

I’m in the middle of writing the copy for a website for a a good family friend who launched her own kitchen design business. And Monday I have an interview and photo shoot with a new fitness center here in Lincoln so I can write a feature article for a local magazine, deadline next week. Yea for new writing assignments!

I have my first Red Thread Session on May 2 with a family from Omaha.

I’m in the midst of designing and ordering some new marketing materials. Here’s the new bookmark I was working on today.

I donated 4 gift baskets with gift certificates for some local fundraisers and silent auctions.

On the 19th, I’m photographing a charity bike ride event for a non-profit cancer awareness organization. Then on the 20th, I’m sponsoring a hole at a fundraiser golf outing and will be photographing the participants. And somewhere in the midst of it all, I may also be doing some family and newborn photos for one of my old high school friends.

Whew! It makes me dizzy just thinking about it!

I have to admit, I had a little bit of a freak out yesterday. Just thinking about it all, and trying to figure out how I was going to get it all done was totally overwhelming me. Poor Steven had to listen to me rant and ramble, but I got it out of my system, burned some midnight (or rather some 4:00 am) oil and managed to get a pretty good start. I’m feeling a little bit more comfortable now, and I have something of a plan. But, as always, I imagine I will just keep moving forward, wading through whatever the tide will bring me, and enjoying the ride as I go.

If I can just keep myself sane in the process. I’m sure Steven and Cadence will appreciate it. 🙂

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