Picture Day – No Cheese

Okay, so I won’t pretend like I love being in front of the camera. Everyone knows my place is behind it. I’m comfortable there. I like to take photos for the same reason that I write. I love sharing the world the way I see it. It’s my way of letting people in.

My husband, on the other hand, well…any of you that actually know him know that he is a ham. Put him in front of a camera and you’ll get a radiant beam, a crazy pose, a Gene Simmons impersonation. There’s no shortage of silliness when Stevie Romano is around.

Like so many other things with our child, Cadence’s camera antics are some strange combination of the two of us. She likes to play coy, to act annoyed. She likes to turn and run away or turn me down when I tell her that I want to take a picture. It always starts with a bit of a struggle and stoicism.




She holds out as long as she can, but eventually a hint of a smile starts to sneak through. If I act fast, I can catch that fleeting moment, that sweet soft smile, before the full force of our daughter’s exuberant personality is unleashed.









I love this girl, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ll keep it cheese free around here for as long as we can, when it comes to smiles anyway.

Thank God for digital cameras.

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