Day 83 – Dinner time shenanigans

Just a normal evening in the Romano house…

Day 68 -Spring forward and stop the madness

I know. I know. I make the some complaint just about every year but dammit people. If we agree on nothing else, can we all agree to set our clocks forward one last time and then never, ever touch them again.


Pretty, pretty please?

I’m already mentally preparing myself for the ridiculousness that tomorrow will bring–waking up at the usual time but having to accept the fact that it’s now an hour later, the kids fighting bedtime (and Henry fighting nap time) because their little bodies know it shouldn’t be time yet, and my crazy hound dog harassing me ALL FREAKIN’ DAY to eat because her regularly-scheduled meal times suddenly don’t match up with her internal food clock.

It’s no wonder we tend to see an uptick in strokes and heart attacks on this day each year. I feel one coming on just thinking about it.

So, I better go ahead and give up for the night because tomorrow there is hell to pay. Sleep well friends!

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