Elf on the Shelf 2017 – Day 8

Cosette and Leo got a little crafty with some empty boxes from the recycling pile last night. Cadence was seriously impressed with their ingenuity, and already has plans to snag the elf house and turn it into a clubhouse for some of her dolls.

Henry still isn’t quite sure he’s okay with what these elves are up to. He is now showing only mild interest in their antics when he first wakes up, and then spends the rest of the day ignoring them.

Elf on the Shelf 2014 – Day 5 & 6

I guess all the talk about selling our house and buying a new one got Cosette excited. Well…either that, or she just really wanted her own clubhouse and figured this was the perfect opportunity with all the empty boxes just sitting around. Either way, Cadence went nuts when she came downstairs for breakfast yesterday morning and got a glimpse of what Cosette had been up to while she slept.

This little elf has got some serious skills…










After such a surprise yesterday morning, Cadence couldn’t wait to see what sort of shenanigans Cosette had up her sleeve today. Imagine her surprise when she came down and found Cosette still hanging out in the clubhouse (aka Mommy-was-so-tired-that-she-went-to-bed-at-8:00-and-forgot-to-move-the-damn-elf).

After a few moments of confusion (and silent panic), we noticed that something was amiss in the pantry. I called Cadence in to take a look…



Looks like Cosette pulled a fast one, getting into Cadence’s Halloween candy, and then hiding back in the clubhouse like nothing happened.

Tricky, tricky little elf.


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