Elf on the Shelf 2015 – Day 18

Before bed last night, Stevie and Cadence had a little craft time. Cadence wanted to make a star to hang up, so Stevie helped her make one out of a piece of cardboard, and then they sat together at the kitchen table coloring their masterpiece.

Leo and Cosette thought it was pretty cool, and decided it needed to be prominently displayed in the den.




Lazy Lego Sunday

There are probably a dozen things that make me fall a little more in love with my husband on a daily basis…

His unbridled enthusiasm for music and Star Wars and computer code.

The way he still wants to know if he can “aks” me a question.

His wacky sense of humor, that is so eerily complimentary to my own.

Yeah, maybe I’m being sappy, but I think this guy is pretty awesome, and I’m glad I get to say he’s mine.

Today I watched him surprise Cadence with her first set of Legos, just because. And the two of them sat down and had a blast building a scene from the Lego Movie. They spent a better part of the afternoon giggling together and reenacting scenes from the movie.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.














Project Life 365 – Day 76 – Cheers

Cheers to my amazing hubby, the one and only Steven Romano, for indulging the sweet little girl who just wanted to “paint” her Daddy’s fingernails with a dry erase marker.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this…



Prom-a-palooza 2012

After a full day of following my little sister around like her own personal prom paparazzi, I am beat. Of course, it didn’t help that Cadence was running a mystery fever last night and decided to wake up three or four times through the night and then start chattering at me from her pack-n-play around 5:30 am. But that was nothing a few cups of coffee couldn’t cure.

Now that I’m sitting down though, typing my blog post in a dark room while I wait for my child to drift off to sleep, it’s all catching up with me. So, instead of fighting, I’m giving up.

But before I go, here are a few photos from the day. I posted a couple quick sneak peek “getting ready” photos on Facebook. Too bad all I have is my old crappy laptop with Microsoft Paint to try and size them down and copyright them. Oh well…

And then, I couldn’t help but include two of the photos that were totally cracking me up. Since Whitney is attending her junior prom this year with her boyfriend Michael (they’ve been dating for a month), Pawpoo Shawn decided he probably better get out the gun and the axe to get the point across to Michael not to be trying any funny business with his little girl on prom night. I told Pawpoo I wasn’t sure how intimidating he really was, even with the weapons, but we got a few photos anyway. 🙂

And now it’s time to call it a night and get a little sleep while my baby sister dances the night away at her junior prom. I can’t wait to hear all about it in the morning.

365 Project – Day 345 – Zzzzzz…

I always enjoyed family vacations when I was younger. Yeah, we had to indulge the fact that my father fancied himself a real-life Clark W. Griswold, which meant many of our family vacations involved traveling in our old diarrhea-brown station wagon and taking detours that led us past American landmarks like the World Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas. But even so, we always had a good time. We roadtripped to Dallas and Denver. We visited Mount Rushmore and and whitewater rafted on the Colorado River.

If there was one complaint during the trips though, it would definitely be the sleeping arrangements. I didn’t mind having to share a bed with my sister on our family vacations. She never hogged the covers, and most of the time she would just put on her headphones, roll over, and go to sleep. My problem was that even with my own Walkman cranked up to a ridiculous level, I could never seem to drown out the sound of my father’s snoring. All I could hope is that I managed to fall asleep before he did (which didn’t happen very often), so I wouldn’t have to spend our entire family vacation stumbling around in a sleep-deprived stupor.

The funny part is that he is totally in denial. He refuses to believe that he snores at all, despite the fact that he actually wakes himself up on a regular basis. He used to blame the snoring sounds on the dogs, but now that they are gone, he usually defaults to blaming it on my Mom. She’s not totally innocent herself, but she’s got the lighter, breathy snore while Dad’s deep, rattling snore sounds more like a metal spoon stuck in a garbage disposal.

Even funnier is the fact that Duane can go from a raucous conversation to a deep, snoring sleep in about 37 seconds. Yeah, I’ve timed it. One minute he’s talking and laughing and cheering on his Denver Broncos. The next minute he’s fast asleep. How does that even happen? Is he narcoleptic? Sleep-deprived? Blessed with sleeping super powers?

We will probably never know. But at least we can get a few chuckles out of it when he falls asleep in a room full of people with camera phones. Here, my readers, is just a taste of how it begins…

Tonight’s 365 Project is dedicated to my dear ol’ Dad. Nobody snores like Duane snores. I’ll bet money on that.

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