Day 140 – An afternoon well spent

Moments like these are everything.

Lazy Lego Sunday

There are probably a dozen things that make me fall a little more in love with my husband on a daily basis…

His unbridled enthusiasm for music and Star Wars and computer code.

The way he still wants to know if he can “aks” me a question.

His wacky sense of humor, that is so eerily complimentary to my own.

Yeah, maybe I’m being sappy, but I think this guy is pretty awesome, and I’m glad I get to say he’s mine.

Today I watched him surprise Cadence with her first set of Legos, just because. And the two of them sat down and had a blast building a scene from the Lego Movie. They spent a better part of the afternoon giggling together and reenacting scenes from the movie.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.














Project Life 365 – Day 76 – Cheers

Cheers to my amazing hubby, the one and only Steven Romano, for indulging the sweet little girl who just wanted to “paint” her Daddy’s fingernails with a dry erase marker.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this…



Daddies and Daughters

The hardest part about taking a trip without my husband is not that I have to navigate the airport by myself with our 2-year-old in tow or that I’ve forgotten how to sleep in a bed by myself without someone stealing the covers or crowding me. Yeah, those things can be tough, but the worst part about not having Steven along while I’m out of town for a week is the simple fact that I miss him.

Go ahead and roll your eyes. Make retching sounds if you want. I don’t care.

Truth be told, life’s just a lot more fun with Steven around. He makes me laugh. He gets my jokes. He likes to discuss and debate things I like to discuss and debate. He sometimes even knows what I’m thinking without me having to say a word. Sitting next to him, I can’t help but feel that all is right with the world.

But even better than all of those things combined is seeing him be a Daddy. And boy, does his little girl miss him too. After fighting with my crappy old laptop for the last four days, we finally managed to get online and have a Skype date. Cadence freaked out when she heard her Daddy’s voice and saw him appear on the computer screen. It was all I could do to keep her from tearing a hole in my laptop to get to him.

If that doesn’t absolutely melt your heart, I’d have to question whether you’re even human.

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