Project Life 365 – Day 9 – In a Drawer

Hi, my name is Lori…

(Hi Lori!)

…and I am a junk drawer failure.

It’s okay, folks. I’ve come to terms with it. We all know the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And I have a big one.

I’ve already written about it at length in previous blog posts. Here are the links if you’d like to refresh your memory…

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Excavation 2012 – I Fought the Junk Drawer

The sad part is, even with my well-deserved victory decluttering and organizing last year, somehow we’ve come to this…


A disorganized drawer filled with a random assortment of useful items. And that’s the biggest problem here. As much as it irritates me to have to sift through the crap to find a tube of chapstick or a breakfast cereal coupon, I can honestly say that every item in the drawer at the moment is not junk. No lies people. I could make you a list of stuff in the drawer right now and not have to throw out one piece of it.

Now, if we could just keep it organized…but that’s a goal for another day.

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