365 Project – Day 302 – Best Halloween Ever

Saying that my sister Lindy and I spent a lot of time with our cousins Tonya and Shelly is an understatement. Thinking back to my childhood, it is hard to remember a holiday or celebration or vacation that didn’t somehow involve my cousins. All of us are relatively close in age (Tonya the oldest, Lindy and Shelly in the middle, and me the youngest), and we always had a great time together.

With Halloween always being one of those holidays that kids never actually got off school, I only really remember spending one Halloween with Tonya and Shelly, back when my family was living in Bird City, Kansas. It was the late 80’s, and with a stroke of really weird/rotten luck, Halloween fell on a weekend, but winter arrived early and nearly spoiled the fun. We were all forced to bundle up in heavy winter coats over our costumes, and Dad must have been feeling sorry for us, because somehow we got him to agree to let us drive his golf cart trick-or-treating.

I don’t quite remember what our costumes were that year, or really any other details about that particular weekend, but what I do remember is that we ran that golf cart until the last bit of battery was exhausted, and managed to hit every house in the whole town twice.

Best Halloween ever.

And while any photos of that particular Halloween are still packed away in boxes somewhere in my basement, I did manage to dig up this little gem. I would date this photo sometime in 1986. Tonya and Shelly had come to Bird City for a visit and we girls decided to spend an afternoon playing dress up. And wouldn’t you know, I’m the only one in the group that opted for a black cat Halloween costume and some clown-style makeup over a dress. 🙂

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to all the best Halloween memories. I can only hope that my daughter will have a few as good as this!

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