365 Project – Day 203 – Vintage Baby Clothes

So, yesterday and today were the big days–Grandma Luethje’s estate sale. We weren’t sure how successful it was going to be, but I have to say, we were all pleasantly surprised. We sold of ton of Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff, and even made a few great finds ourselves. After sifting through a couple of boxes full of fabric and clothes and different crochet and embroidery pieces, I found a whole bunch of vintage baby clothes that were calling my name.

Now, I am primarily a lifestyle photographer, which means I don’t normally use a whole lot of props and backdrops when I work. Instead, I try to capture everything as candid and real as possibly. But, that being said, I do have a very sincere appreciation for those photographers who shoot a more traditional studio look, and I couldn’t help myself when I found some of these old clothes. Even if they are never worn or photographed on anyone but my daughter, I will be perfectly happy.

Here are a few cool things I picked up today. I aplogize in advance for the photo quality on this one. Trying to shoot in cramped quarters with no good lighting is a pain! But, at least you get the idea.

And the best part is, I had a photo shoot tonight with some great family friends, and their newborn daughter even got to model a vintage dress purchased at Grandma’s estate sale! Too fun! But those photos will have to wait until I can get them all sorted through and uploaded at home.

Tonight’s 365 Project entry is dedicated to my Grandma’s packrat ways and to passing along some seriously amazing baby clothes!

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