Day 133 – Why?

Yep, this looks about right…

Day 56 – Nodding off

It was a long day. And now, kicked back in the recliner, it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open. I may have even nodded off for a few seconds.

Oh yeah, I did. I definitely did.

You know what that means? Time to give it up for today.

Day 53 – Sleep and self-care

I fell asleep in the recliner last night.

What can I say? It was a long week. I’d just eaten a bowl of pasta. And I’m fairly certain my iron levels have been running a little low (don’t worry, I’ve got a stash of iron supplements that always helps me get back on track).

By 7:00 pm, Henry and I were snuggled up in the chair. By 7:30 pm, I was nodding off. And by 9:30, everyone in the house was snoozing.

So yeah, technically this blog post is about 12 hours late, but hey–my blog, my rules. And I truly believe that missteps or stumbling blocks or failures are not truly failures if we take the time to learn from them and keep challenging ourselves to move forward.

Choosing to take an early night and not force a blog post just to meet my own self-imposed goal of completing another 365 project is a choice I’m not going to feel particularly bad about. It’s all about balance and priorities, and last night’s priority was indulging in a little self-care and getting a full night’s sleep.

And yeah, it feels good.

Now, let’s get back to it.

Day 35 – Monday Monday

So, I’m realizing something…I’m pretty much useless trying to write at night. I keep thinking that those quiet moments in the evening after the kiddos have gone to bed and I can finally sit and unwind should be moments when I can focus and create and get some words down on paper. But it just doesn’t work that way. I’m too fried at the end of the long day to really make much sense of anything, let alone try to put coherent thoughts in any sort of reasonable order.

I used to be better at this–back before I had long, challenging days at work and kids and kids’ activities and evening meetings and all of the other obligations that come with maturity and adulthood. These days, I have to set a reasonable bedtime and try to get up early in the morning if I stand a chance of finding my focus and getting any writing done.

And here I still sit, 10:30 at night, eyelids drooping, trying to tap into something. But the truth is, at least for today, I’m tapped out.

And that’s okay, because tomorrow is a great day to try again.

Day 23 – The aftermath

Day after the snow day after the holiday after the weekend got me like…

Anybody else find it hard to get going today?

Worn Out

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Writing, editing, story assignments, photo shoots, post-processing, designing new marketing materials, working on projects. Unfortunately for me, the sudden increase in my workload seemed to happen at the exact same time that Cadence decided to drop her naps completely.

How’s that for timing?

Even though she’s been going to bed a little earlier in the evenings, it’s tough for me to get a whole lot done during the day when I’m home with her. I can usually get a few emails answered, a few photos processed, or a few hundred words of a story written while she’s eating breakfast or playing with her toys on the sunporch. The bulk of my work usually happens at night though, long after everyone else has gone to bed and the house is quiet. I think I’m going to have to do a bit of reworking to my schedule though, because the past few days I’ve been dragging. Today, when Cadence and I were playing outside, I even got a little jealous when I looked over and saw this…

Boy, can my dog make napping look heavenly or what? I don’t know who decided that adults should not nap, but he/she has officially climbed into the top 5 on my People Who Piss Me Off List.

And on that note, it’s late, and I’m tired. So, I’m calling it quits for tonight. Sweet dreams folks!


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