Elf on the Shelf – Day 2

After saying goodnight to Cosette, knowing that the little elf was going to fly off to Santa with a very good report, Cadence was super excited to get up this morning and greet her new little elf friend. Still dressed in her pajamas and sporting some serious bedhead, Cadence hurried downstairs to find Cosette and tell her all about last night’s dreams.

But, when she looked for Cosette on the TV stand where she’d left her, Cosette was nowhere to be found.

“Hey!” said Cadence. “Where is Cosette? Where she go?”

“I don’t know. You better go look.”

Cadence hurried out to the sunporch to make sure Cosette hadn’t gotten lost in one of the toy bins or locked in the toy box over night.


No Cosette.

But then, walking back into the living room, Cadence spied something peculiar…

Apparently, after returning from her trip to the North Pole to report to Santa, Cosette had taken a little balloon ride around the house and got hung up in the archway between the living room and dining room. Tricky little elf! She even managed to make herself a secure little harness out of shoelaces! Cadence was beside herself with glee!

Well…right up until the moment she realized that Cosette didn’t leave her a balloon to play with. That little oversight resulted in a few minutes of frustrated hollering, and I’m sure Cosette felt pretty bad about being so forgetful. I don’t think she’ll be making the same mistake twice!

Silly Cosette! I wonder what sort of shenanigans she’ll come up with tomorrow! 🙂

What the Hell Were They Thinking??

Doggie Doo the game. Heard of it? If not, watch this…

Seriously? What the hell were they thinking? I mean, I get that kids (and roughly 89% of adult males) think that farting, pooping, and anything remotely fart/poop related is deliriously funny, but this game has crossed a serious line. I mean, who thinks up something like this? And better yet, who is actually going to spend money on it? I can certainly think of better ways to spend $25, but apparently a lot of other folks can’t. There are people that are actually going out and buying this garbage, saying that their kids begged them for it.

I don’t know about you, but if Cadence starts begging for the Doggie Doo game, I’ll give her a pair of rubber gloves and a plastic bag and tell her to march her happy ass right out into the yard and start picking up some of Electra’s land mines. That’s the gift that will keep on giving, because Electra can sometimes drop up to three piles a day.

Sad thing is, apparently Doggie Doo is a pretty shitty toy (oh yes, pun most definitely intended). Review after review online all talk about how apparently the plastic doggie has some severe constipation issues.

Perhaps they need to come out with a sequel–Doctor Doggie Doo–where the players get a chance to try their hands at performing surgery to remove the intestinal obstruction in their very own imaginary veterinary office. They could wear real surgical masks, and maybe it could spray blood. You know, because a toy that shits should also shoot blood. I mean, why not, right? If we’re going to go for the grossness factor, we might as well go all way.

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