Project Life 365 – Day 64 – Private

Now that Cadence and I are back from Poppa Duane’s 80th birthday in Denver where we partied, learned to play Farkle, got snowed in, and picked up a icky stomach bug (well, Cadence did, I just suffered sleep-deprivation as a result of her vomiting), it’s time to catch up on my Project Life 365. So here begins the outtakes from the past week and a half of chaos…

When Steven gets in study mode, all he needs is some tunes, a Cadbury Egg, and a little privacy…


Project Life 365 – Day 28 – Inside

It’s a Dear Lord I Need Chocolate kind of day around here..


Go ahead, judge me if you want, but it’s a cold, dreary Monday and I just spent the last few hours cooped up in the house, immersed in my first GRE Study Session.

I did math, people. Freakin’ algebra. And if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to go and pick Cadence up from preschool, I probably would have bypassed the Rolos and went straight for some tequila shots to help calm my nerves instead.

At least good sense prevailed…too bad that’s not a section on the GRE.

Now I know how my husband has been feeling, spending the past several weeks poring over GMAT study guides, cursing the English language, and trying to memorize grammar rules to help him with the tricky sentence corrections.

Too bad we can’t just splice our brains together when we go take these tests. Man, we’d have it made.

But, the things in life that are really worth it are never easy. So, we’ll just keep busting our butts and taking steps toward our goals until we get there. And we will get there, because neither of us is the type to let one little annoying test stand in the way.

And now that I’ve had my chocolate fix, it’s time to get back to work.

Project Life 365 – Day 15 – Confusing

So, my hubby is studying for the GMAT. God bless him. Thirteen years after graduating college, he has decided that it’s time to go back and earn another degree. The only problem is, it’s been thirteen years since he’s taken a standardized test. So, he did the smart thing and bought a couple of study guides to help refresh his memory.

For the past few weeks, he’s been working his way through the rules of grammar and dozens of sentence correction practice tests. If you didn’t know what he was doing, you might think he’d developed a mild case of Tourette’s. Poor guy. With all the ridiculous rules that make up the English language, he’d have an easier time just giving up on the grammar and learning Chinese.

So, this week, he thought he’d give himself, and his English-overloaded brain a little break and review one of his favorite subjects–math.

Yeah, you heard me right. I said math. Specifically Algebra and Geometry.

I guess it’s really true that opposites attract. Here’s my hubby who would rather stick a sharpened pencil in his eye than have to name the parts of a sentence or identify an idiom, and then there’s me…the math moron. Seriously, folks, opening a book and seeing this immediately sparks a migraine…


And being told I have to solve it can make me downright homicidal.

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly true, but I’d rather do anything, ANYTHING than have to sit down and try to solve a math problem. Seriously, anything. Name it.

See, I don’t know how to explain it, other than there is nothing in this world more confusing to my brain than an algebra problem. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. I got that. No problem. But you start throwing letters and fractions and decimals and symbols in there and the world starts swimming around in front of my eyes and I feel like maybe the blood vessels in my brain have started bursting. Stare at quadratic equation long enough and I can forget my own name. So, I steer clear, and I’ll leave the math problems to my sweet hubby who thinks solving them is fun.

Yeah, he’s crazy, but I love him anyway. 😉

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