365 Project – Day 360 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

“Everything ends badly. Otherwise, it wouldn’t end.” – Tom Cruise, Cocktail

There are a thousand different reasons for a relationship to end, but the one I never really understood was infidelity. I mean, if you’ve gotten to the point where you are even considering someone else, then I imagine that your relationship is already over. So, what are you waiting for? Why cheat? Why not just put an end to one relationship before you go diving into another?

I don’t know. Call me crazy. Maybe, it’s because I was always the one being cheated on, and know how badly it hurts to be betrayed, that I could never bring myself to put another human being through that kind of pain. And luckily I finally fell in love with a man who felt the same way about it as I do. There is nobody else that either of us want. Even when Steven and I get on each other’s last nerve, we still know that we are a perfect match and wouldn’t risk doing anything stupid to mess up the great relationship we have.

Plus, I made sure to tell him, way back when we started dating, that I was done with unfaithful jerks and if he ever decided to cheat on me instead of just breaking up with me first, he could rest assured that I would throw all of his worldly belongings on the front lawn and light them on fire. And yes, that includes every disc in his X-Files collection, his drum set, and every last piece of Star Wars memorabelia.

What can I say? Karma (and an angry ex) can be a real bitch.

But if you’re not quite the setting fire type, you can always take a page from this ex-girlfriend’s playbook…

If you can’t destroy all of his worldly posessions, you can at least hit him where it hurts and give him one big nationally televised middle finger as a parting Christmas gift.

You go girl!

And to the big fat cheater, I sure hope that other girl was worth it. Dumbass.

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